Welcome to VIP MASSAGE!


VIP Massage is the escape place for individuals who just simply need to kick their feet up and escape for an hour or two. Inspired by the idea that you should reward yourself for goals and accomplishments, VIP MASSAGE was born! 

What can compare to a massage? (waiting...) EXACTLY!

With 5 years under his belt, Nolan Lee is often called, "The people's therapist". A former track runner and all-around athlete, Lee can empathize with a lot of body soreness one may feel. He takes extra pride in working on people"s back, neck and shoulders.


 If you feel like you or someone you know needs a great massage, dont hesitate to book! VIP MASSAGE's goal is to help one relax, feel great results and ready to take on what life brings them. VIP MASSAGE is the place to be if you want to feel...V.I.P.

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